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Kelowna Clinics - There is a growing amount of evidence that proves that there are several factors which impact human health. To be able ... More

Kelowna Pain Clinic

Kelowna Pain Clinic - The misalignment of one or more vertebrae in the spinal column is referred to as a vertebral subluxation. ... More

Back Pain Kelowna

Back Pain Kelowna - EMS or likewise known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a treatment utilized for injuries by sending electrical ... More

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Clinics in Kelowna - A herniated disc is an irregularity of the spine caused by wear and tear or injury on the body. It is a rupturing ... More

Pain Management Clinic Kelowna

Pain Management Clinic Kelowna - A vertebral subluxation is a misalignment in the vertebrae of the spine, that impedes the communication ... More

Kelowna Pain Clinic

Kelowna Pain Clinic - Intended for diagnosing neuromuscular disorders an electromyograph (EMG) is an instrument which can be used. It ... More

Pain Clinic Kelowna

Pain Clinic Kelowna - Each and every individual at some point experiences pain - pains which last a few seconds, a couple of days, or ... More

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Orthotics in Kelowna - The spine protects and encloses the spinal cord, the bundle of nerves which transmits signals from the brain to ... More

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Foot Clinic Kelowna - The number of motor vehicle accidents in Canada number more than 8,000,000 per year. The majority of victims of ... More

Custom Orthotics Kelowna

Custom Orthotics Kelowna - To help ease chronic conditions all over your entire body, orthotics could be custom molded for your feet. ... More

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Chronic Pain Clinic Kelowna - A sciatica is a pinched sciatic nerve, a condition that is experienced as leg and lower back pain. ... More