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We provide evidence-based chiropractic care through the safe and effective use of spinal adjustment techniques and manual therapy.

When we move, our bodies engage in linked sets of movements called kinematic chains. The whole body is involved in even the simplest action. Restricted joint motion in any one part of these chains will impact the movement of the entire body. We utilize an assessment tool known as Motion Palpation to locate areas of decreased joint movement. This enables treatment to be applied only to the areas that are causing or contributing to the patient's problem.

Chiropractic adjustment is also called joint manipulation or mobilization. The chiropractor places the body into a safe position to encourage the desired movement and applies quick, gentle force on the joints. Adjustment has proven to be effective for addressing restricted joints. Improper joint movement interferes with the movement chains of the body, which ultimately causes pain and/or damage to tissue. By effectively and safely restoring motion to restricted joints, chiropractic adjustments help to normalize the functioning of the entire body.

We offer a variety of chiropractic methods. They are able to provide their patients with many different adjusting techniques including both manual and instrument adjusting. They treat a wide range of patients experiencing a variety of physical conditions. The goal of Kelowna Chiropractic Centre is to improve patients' performance, strength, health and well-being through the use of safe, effective, non-invasive, leading edge techniques.

Kelowna Chiropractic Centre treats patients with the following conditions and more:

- Back and Neck Pain
- Headaches
- Whiplash Injuries
- Repetitive Strain Injuries
- Athletic Injuries
- Soft Tissue Injuries
- Plantar Fascitis
- Tennis Elbow
- TMJ Disorders
- Running Injuries

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Kelowna Chiropractors

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Active Release Techniques

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TMJ Disorders

The Temporomandibular Joint is situated between the skull and jawbone. Symptoms of TMJ disorders include pain and/or clicking in the jaw and restricted jaw opening. We are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of TMJ disorders. Treatment ... More

Gait Analysis

Gait analysis involves the observation and identification of biomechanical dysfunctions. It is both an art and a science in which the chiropractor analyzes the gait, patterns of movement and general performance of different parts of the body. ... More

Pre-Employment Assessments

Kelowna Chiropractic and SureHire are collaborating to provide Physical Pre-Employment Screening and Occupational Testing in the Okanagan. We are pleased to offer screenings and examinations that job candidates will need in order to meet the ... More