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Pain Clinic Kelowna - Each and every individual at some point experiences pain - pains which last a few seconds, a couple of days, or even months or years. Acute pain is pain which is short but severe. Pain that is persistent is referred to as chronic pain. Pain is your body's way of alerting you to an issue. Something has probably become damaged. Pain is a message sent from your nerves to your brain.

There are nerves everywhere in your body, which make use of electrical signals so as to communicate with your brain. Nerves extend from the brain and spinal cord to your muscles, internal organs and skin. All feeling sensations move from different parts of your body to your brain by way of a network of nerves. The nerves referred to as the central nervous system are protected by your spinal column.

Spinal misalignments are known as vertebral subluxations (the subluxation complex or "pinched nerves"). The distortion of the spine can result in nerve stress. If the nerves are impinged, irritated, stretched, or otherwise interfered with, the nerve system cannot accurately function. As the nerve system is the body's control center, negative health effects could follow whichever stress to it.

A chiropractor's task is to free the nerve system from spinal stress to be able to unleash the healing power of the body. A correctly aligned backbone allows the immune system to work more efficiently, improving bodily functions and enhancing disease resistance. The body could better respond to internal and external environmental stresses and both chronic and acute pain could usually be alleviated.

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