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Clinics in Kelowna - A herniated disc is an irregularity of the spine caused by wear and tear or injury on the body. It is a rupturing of the tissue between the vertebrae. A herniated disc may occasionally be referred to as a ruptured disc, slipped disc, pinched nerve, or sciatica, but these terms are not necessarily accurate.

Though in common usage to refer to a herniated disc, the term 'pinched nerve' that is used, is not the same thing. A pinched nerve is resulting from a herniated disc. It is essential to understand the difference between the two, so that the actual source of pain could be cured and identified.

Used to refer to several kinds of back ache, the term sciatica is commonly used. Nevertheless, sciatica is caused from a herniated disc pinching the sciatic nerve. A pinched sciatic nerve generates lower back pain or pain in the legs.

Normally, the lumbar section or lower back area is the most common spot of herniated discs, a herniated disc may occur anyplace along the spine. A herniated disc could have an effect on the thoracic area, or upper back, but is more common in the cervical section, or the neck section, where it results in dizziness, severe headaches, and mild to severe pain in the shoulders, arms and neck.

A medical examination will determine the reason for the pain, and whether it is the result of a pinched nerve or disc. A healthcare provider would require the person's medical history. The individual would undergo a physical examination and diagnostic imaging could be necessary. An MRI or a CT scan provide a more accurate image of a herniated disc than an X-ray. A correct diagnosis is important to determining the best course of treatment in order to provide lasting relief.

A surgical treatment is recommended just in the most extreme situations of a herniated disc. In the majority of conditions, physical therapy, muscle relaxant medication, low-impact exercise or rest are all that is required. Cortisone injections or different pain medication may at times be prescribed. Patients can look for the several alternative treatment options available as well.

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