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Back Pain Kelowna - EMS or likewise known as Electrical Muscle Stimulation is a treatment utilized for injuries by sending electrical pulse using the square form to the muscle requiring treatment. The square waveform could stimulate the muscles giving them exercise with no physical activity. Invented by John Faraday in 1831, the square waveform works directly on muscle motor neurons. EMS is internationally accepted and proven to be useful at treating muscular injuries.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation units send comfortable electronic impulses through the skin's surface to the nerves requiring treatment. EMS is used by sports clinics and hospitals in the treatment of muscular injuries and of paralysis, among other problems.

Nearly all conditions that require muscle stimulation can be treated by EMS comprising:

- muscle spasticity after a stroke
- long-term disuse after prolonged bed rest or fracture
- progressive strengthening to treat muscle and joint injury
- shoulder subluxation and lessening of muscle spasms
- immobilized limbs
- atrophy prevention
- stress incontinence
- weak muscles
- improving muscle tone after weight loss or child birth
- therapy after joint replacement
- In situations where an individual's range of motion is lessened because of fractures, resulting in arthroscopy, immobilization or an operation, EMS is useful.

There are many benefits of EMS treatment. EMS causes muscle spasms to relax. EMS prevents or slows down atrophy from disuse of muscles through the stimulation of nerves. It increases local blood flow and re-educates paralyzed muscles, enhancing muscle tone. Bedridden individuals could receive EMS treatment in order to create involuntary muscle contractions, that enhances muscle tone passively. If utilized at once following a surgical treatment, EMS can stimulate calf muscles to avoid venous thrombosis. And EMS can help to maintain or increase range of motion.

The miniaturized EMS Muscle Stimulator that is simple to make use of. This lightweight unit transfers the pulses thought the skin to stimulate the muscles and nerves, the motor units of the body. The EMS impulses are "ramped" so that they imitate normal muscle contractions.

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