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The Chiropractic Industry

Many of the principles upon which chiropractic is based have been known for 100 years. However, thanks to research, increased knowledge, and technological advancements, the practice of chiropractic has continued to evolve. Today the profession is ... More

Rehabilitation with a Chiropractor

Chiropractic doctors are among the essential healthcare professionals on the front lines of injury rehabilitation. On a daily basis, doctors of chiropractic provide treatment to patients suffering acute injuries sustained in mishaps such as ... More

Chronic Pain and Your Computer

Sources say the average person sits in front of a computer from one hour to several hours per day during leisure time. Add this to the hours of work time spent on a computer, and you will see that adults can spend many hours per day sitting at a ... More

Myths of Core Stability

I worked as an Exercise Therapist (kinesiologist) at a large rehabilitation centre in Alberta before I became a chiropractor. Part of my role was to develop for our clients a daily core stability program. At that time Dr. Stuart McGill, a ... More