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TMJ Treatment Kelowna - The jaw joint is located just in front of the ear. For many people, this junction may pop or click while closing or opening wide the mouth although doesn't bring about any discomfort. Nevertheless, this could be a major origin of long-term headaches and acute discomfort.

Throughout an examination the jaw joint can be reviewed using a Doppler ultrasound that permits us to examine for any internal problem. Behind the ear, the shared space will also get examined for nerve impingement and by stimulating the face muscles, even added information is able to be accumulated to see if in reality the cause of distress is coming from the jaw joint.

Most of the common origins of jaw joint pain consists of trauma or injury to the jaw, unevenness in the bite, congenital or hereditary issues, current medical ailments, posterior tooth loss, or clenching or grinding conditions.

Jaw joint disorders depending upon the severity and source of the pains may be complex to treat. The most common origin of distress are the muscles in the face, the teeth, or from swelling around the jaw joint area itself.

A range of therapies that include medications, physiotherapy, and acupuncture are obtainable, though chief issues related to muscles and teeth can be resolved with use of a support. This sort of support is commonly known as a Bruxism support, biting appliance, or dental guard. Its main purpose is to reduce the the tension on the teeth brought on once they grind against each other or when they are firmly clenched together. The reduction in pressure will permit the facial muscles to unwind and will place less pressure on the jaw joint.

The time that it takes to treat this particular condition will vary greatly with the person and the severity of the disorder. On some occasions an individual may attain instantaneous relief, or it may take an individual several years to attain positive results.

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