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Back Clinic Kelowna - Developed by Dr. Alan Beardall, kinesiology is a muscle testing method to detect and correct bio-energetic imbalances within the individual. The idea behind clinical kinesiology is that the human body is a living biological computer. Its enormous stores of memory can be accessed to find out the underlying causes of apparent symptoms. Clinical Kinesiology is a touch therapy combining energy medicine and Chinese acupuncture together with Western health sciences. The goal of kinesiology is to balance the meridians of the body through releasing energy blockages.

The body is excellent at healing and adapting, but has difficulty forgetting trauma. Like for example, a pulled back muscle can cause long-term issues as the whole posture subtly changes in order to protect the back and avoid pain. All through the body, muscles could take on protective responses, loosening or tightening to be able to change the whole structure. The injury could heal rather quickly, but the body's tendency to adjust to the injury with a whole new posture is known as "compensation". While the back problem can be solved, the memory of the shock that changed the posture of the body could presently be resulting in a knee or wrist problem. "Compensation" is precisely what Clinical Kinesiology is designed to handle utilizing therapy. Clinical Kinesiology could be used in conjunction with athletic training, physical therapy, occupational therapy or other program meant to restore proper function. Unless the hidden compensation is dealt with, stretching, exercise, or other therapies may not be enough to lessen issues completely. Compensation makes the body vulnerable to added injury and could cause performance to suffer.

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