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Kelowna Spine Clinic - Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI) provides an understanding, in the topic of chiropractic care, of the reason for subluxations.

Seen as an unintegrated experience of new force frequencies, vertebral subluxations are a result of the human body failing to fully integrate and dissipate the forces placed upon it. The additional energy of these forces is then stored within the physical structures of the body, leading to tension. This impacts the ligaments, muscles and bones of the body. The tension causes nerve compression and leads to subluxations. The chiropractic technique of treatment seeks to release the stored force, thus releasing the pressure and reversing the subluxation.

Developed by Dr. Sue Brown, Bio-Geometric Integration (or also called BGI) could really enhance the chiropractor's understanding of the human body by providing a comprehension of the innate geometry of the body. Until BGI, the force dynamics surrounding the release and creation of subluxations was badly comprehended. A new way of melding science and the art of chiropractic was required to bring chiropractic in accord with contemporary science. Through understanding BGI, the chiropractor can carry out spinal manipulations more efficiently and gauge the quality of the adjustments. The BGI knowledge of the body provides a common language among the different methods of various chiropractic traditions.

Bio-Geometric Integration (or otherwise known as BGI) blends quantum physics and philosophical concepts and helps chiropractors to understand why adjustments are considered necessary and why they work. Practitioners can better understand the force dynamics surrounding the creation and release of subluxations.

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