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Best Chiropractor Kelowna - A chiropractic activator is a small hand-held device meant to realign bones. It is useful in chiropractic care as an option to the manual methods chiropractors use in order to make adjustments to the spinal column.

Chiropractors are taught to correct the misalignment of the spine called vertebral subluxations. A chiropractic adjustment or manipulation of the spine can put the vertebrae back into correct place, pain could be reduced and mobility could be restored. Chiropractors apply hands-on pressure along with several body positions and movements in order to correct vertebral subluxations. A chiropractic activator is an option to these hands-on methods.

The chiropractic activator fits into the palm of the chiropractor's hand. The chiropractor places the tip of the chiropractic activator at a specific angle against the part of the back which requires work. When pressure is applied to the activator by squeezing the hand, the tool delivers a precisely-measured mild thrust in a specific direction. This pressure moves the bones into alignment.

The chiropractic activator can be used while the client is lying on the abdomen, reducing the need for the client to repeatedly change positions to attain a correct spinal realignment. The chiropractic manipulations that comprise correct positioning of the client combined with hands-on motion in a certain direction and manual thrust could result in stress to some clients. Stress causes the muscles to tense, that can make the manual manipulation less efficient and potentially painful for the individual. The chiropractic activator can be preferred by people who feel stress during traditional manual manipulations. It could be utilized on clients of any age.

The chiropractic activator has been in use for 35 years. It has been well researched and has shown to be extremely useful in the treatment of misaligned joints of the knees, ankles, wrists, shoulders and jaw. Some consider it to be among the safest of the chiropractic techniques.

Chiropractors utilizing the chiropractic activator should go to regular continuing education courses and undertake certification and testing in the use of the chiropractic activator in order to ensure they are making use of the tool safely and effectively.

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