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Kelowna Chiropractic - The chiropractic technique referred to as Network chiropractic can likewise be called Network Spinal Analysis (NSA). Network chiropractic focuses around the idea that the spinal column makes use of channels of energy so as to connect individual consciousness to planetary consciousness. Network chiropractic is a healing art created by Dr. Donald Epstein. The aim is to gently adjust tension in the spine.

Donald Epstein developed network chiropractic to be bale to enhance conventional chiropractic techniques of spine adjustment. Dr. Epstein discovered that if some sections of the spine are adjusted before others, the rest of the spinal column could move and "self-correct" in response to the prior adjustment. He found that network chiropractic helps reduce patient stress, both physically and mentally, as the method normally needs gentler manipulation and less thrust than conventional chiropractic techniques. Network chiropractic focuses on the order of adjustments. The aim of network chiropractic is to lessen or prevent twisting of the spine by utilizing minimum force to produce optimum results.

Tension in the spine interferes with the nervous system causing general ill health and pain. Patients undergoing network chiropractic treatments are normally encouraged to ask and learn about their treatment. Network chiropractic doctors believe it is beneficial if the patient develops an understanding of the spine in relation to the rest of the body. Dr. Epstein and some chiropractic doctors utilizing the NSA system found better results using network chiropractic as opposed to using conventional chiropractic methods alone.

The methods of Network chiropractic are a holistic measure used so as to affect the consciousness of the body. NSA chiropractic doctors think that overall consciousness can be improved there are healthy connections between the brain and the spinal cord, and between the nervous system, brain and spinal cord. NSA addresses these connections via light methods of adjustment. The network chiropractic philosophy is one of entire body knowledge and overall wellbeing.

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