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Rehabilitation with a Chiropractor

Chiropractic doctors are among the essential healthcare professionals on the front lines of injury rehabilitation. On a daily basis, doctors of chiropractic provide treatment to patients suffering acute injuries sustained in mishaps such as accidents, falls and in sports. Not everyone is aware that acute-care treatment is taking place in most chiropractic offices across the country.

For cervical spine, including neck, injuries and acute low back pain, chiropractic spinal manipulation is considered the best and most reliable option. Spinal manipulation addresses the source of the problem. Not only has chiropractic treatment proven to be safe and effective as a treatment method, it is also essential in the reduction of pain and improvement of mobility.

Chiropractic care is not limited to treatment of acute spinal injuries and rehabilitation. Chiropractic treatment can be very effective for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) rehabilitation. It is also commonly used to treat soft tissue injuries and injuries related to overuse. A number of chiropractors are highly trained in the use of non-invasive modalities such as ultrasound, therapeutic laser and electrical muscle stimulation. In addition, many practice exercise-based rehabilitation.

Chiropractors have pioneered in the field of injury rehabilitation. Chiropractor Dr. Craig Liebenson‚??s textbook, Rehabilitation of the Spine, is often cited as one of the landmark books for the treatment of back pain. For two decades it has been used as a reference not only by chiropractors but also by physical therapists and medical doctors. Chiropractor Dr. Michael Leahy developed Active Release Techniques, one of the most important advancements in the manual treatment of soft tissue and nerve entrapment injuries. Extensive training and intensive testing is required to become certified in ART, and today many chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists are qualified to provide this treatment. ART-certified health professionals provide care to athletes at the Ironman Triathlon to help them prepare for the series of long-distance races.

Chiropractic care has long been recognized by the sports industry as an integral part of the strategy to keep athletes functioning at an optimal level. Almost every professional sports team in North America retains chiropractic services. Doctors of chiropractic are part of the health care team at many large rehabilitation clinics and interdisciplinary workers compensation clinics.

The field of chiropractic is much more diverse than many people realize. There is a wide range of specialties included in the field of chiropractic. The range of treatments offered by individual chiropractic doctors will differ depending upon their training and specialties. Knowing this, you can select the right chiropractor doctor for your needs. You might want to choose one whose approach to health is similar to your own.

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